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  • Better Understand Data with an Intuitive Interface

    FortiSOAR facilitates the efficient investigation of alerts, so security analysts can better understand, review, manage, and act on data.

    • Manage alerts and incident listings in a grid view that can be filtered
    • Add mini-dashboards to each grid to gain visibility and understand larger trends
    • Define new modules and customize their fields, views, and permissions
    • Define custom views, data models, fields, and grids with the visual layout editor

    An Enterprise Role-based Incident Management Solution

    With robust role-based access control, FortiSOAR can manage sensitive data in accordance with SOC policies and guidelines.

    • Create custom roles and team hierarchies
    • Define field-level role permissions with various roles
    • Control data visibility and encryption with multiple role-based views
    • Configure custom views and page layouts using the visual designer

    Flexible Configuration

    FortiSOAR can define new modules, such as custom fields, views, and permissions. Security teams can configure it to the specific requirements of their environment.

    • Create custom modules to define fields as needed, such as a module to store permitted IPs for DevOps to review
    • Use the visual layout builder to define custom views and dashboards
    • Add related fields and cross-link module fields for easier analyst reviews

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